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Cortex XDR 2.6 – Welcome to the future of EDR

Live Streaming 17th December 2020


  • Full visibility
  • Integrated answers
  • Best-in-class prevention

What CORTEX XDR makes:

  • Blocks endpoints’ attacks
  • Identifies highly elusive threats
  • Reveals the root cause of the attacks
  • Allows to contain threats rapidly

“The Modern Enterprise’s new challenges fot IT Asset Security Management”

Live Streaming 12th November 2020

Pandemic has caused deep changes inside companies, which found themselves facing a new work model. This has led to a quick cloud adoption for lots of organisations, requiring a new remote access infrastructure for employees, that has faced more companies to security violations.

These changes have drawn the attention even to cybercriminals. Today strategies and cybersecurity tools must be reconsidered.

Live PoC Cyber Range Platform

Live Streaming 22nd September 2020

The human factor vulnerability in corporate’s cybersecurity is still the main target of cybercriminals, which use it even more frequently through phishing campaigns and social engineering. For this reason, constantly training our IT specialists is a crucial point for companies and, in general, all the employees to improve awareness for security topics.

From this perspective, NGS in partnership with Cyberbit and Sparkle, using Cyber Range platform, organised the first Live PoC about security topics.