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We accompany the client on a structured path to gradually grow his infrastructure with business requirements. The activity begins with a technical assessment that allows to highlight the merits and potentialities of the existing system, in addition to understanding the logic of business of the company. A list of activities that can reduce the gap between what the business requires and what the infrastructure is designed to provide is then drawn up. Consultancy can also be activated for specific projects, with a well defined perimeter. For instance:

Optimization of connectivity to remote locations

Design e migration of distributed datacenters

Process automation

Migration from IPv4 to dual-stack IPv4/IPv6

Incident Response

A team of highly trained experts is ready to intervene with clients who are in a state of crisis. The preparation of people and the tools developed allow to intervene quickly in order to restore the operativity of the services, both in case of serious faults or anomalies, and in case of Cyber attacks:

staff with decades of experience in dealing with computer crisis situations

state-of-the-art instrumentation for fast and effective analysis

transversal competencies to cover all areas of infrastructure

Security Assessment

We carry out analysis of infrastructures in enterprise, maritime and industrial fields finalized to Cyber risk management. The service aims to verify customer exposure, suggest and implement a continuous improvement path to reduce risks and impacts on business:

assessment of business processes

assessment of infrastructure security components

threat hunting to verify the existence of ongoing threats

vulnerability assessment to verify the security of connected systems

dynamic security testing (DAST) to verify the security of Web applications

Infrastructure management


We offer highly qualified personnel to manage the infrastructure of our customers in shared mode or in total outsourcing, ensuring the customer complete visibility. The service is moduled according to the needs of each customer. The support service allows to have technical staff transversal to technologies that can take charge of an alert and verify the possible causes, proposing the possible solution or the mitigation plan. Change management service allows customers to delegate all or part of the changes and entrust to their staff more coordinated tasks, without having to worry about constant research and training of internal staff.

Security Operation Center


We take care of the protection of critical information infrastructures by checking the performance of services to detect points of improvement and potential threats. We have chosen to rely on state-of-the-art technologies, innovative analytical tools that are first and foremost flexible for us and our customers, developing and investing continuously in training and research.

We offer our customers a growth path that leaves them a lasting value in terms of both infrastructure and acquired skills.

Integrations development

We integrate components of the infrastructure to automate the business processes, developing what is necessary to offer customers a different way of management that can preserve the technical staff from having to continuously perform repetitive operations. Examples of such additions are:


approval flow automation to automatically enable hundreds of devices on the Firewall without technical intervention


external access management via VPN clientless and remote desktops accessible via browser

WAN Monitoring

verification and control of WAN connections for continuous monitoring of the respect of contracted SLAs


We offer continuous training opportunities dedicated to our customers. For instance we organize:

specific training paths for technical staff that can also lead to recognised certifications

in-depth webinar on new market solutions

hands on labs on specific technologies to test their effectiveness in real-life cases