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Security and integrations designed for cruise ships, cargo and cruise terminals.

NGS in the maritime field

The long-term experience of NGS staff in the maritime field, allows to offer a transversal advising on all the issues characteristics of the maritime world. The numerous projects, completed with success and full customer satisfaction, allowed our clients to optimize their workflows and ensure a user experience consistent with expectations.

NGS is specialized in management of the security, network, infrastructure and connectivity of cruise ships, terminals and satellite providers.

The management of the Cyber risk is a compliance obligation for all the maritime ecosystem: non- compliant ships cannot leave the port. The high number of passengers, IT, OT and IOT devices require specific approaches for the maritime world.

A cruise ship is a complex ecosystem consisting of thousands of interconnected devices and users, with different needs and behaviour.

Network connections are very important for ships, while being expensive, unreliable and necessary for passengers who require a similar experience of everyday use.

Components in the maritime field

Perimeter security

Ensure security and segmentation of thousands of hyperconnected devices and user


The heart of the company business


Ensures optimal communication between users, devices and the outside world

OT Security

Control, limit and verify access to OT devices such as engines.

Security assessment

Continuous verification of exposure to cyber threats


Entrust the infrastructure to highly qualified personnel

Perimeter security

The ship is a complex ecosystem consisting potentially of thousands of IT devices, OTs, crew, passengers. The security of certain components is vital for the proper functioning of the ship. Firewall, IDS/IPS, NAC, traffic shaper, innovative solutions for remote access, specific IDS for the OT environment, automation, are some of the components that allow NGS to enhance the security of dozens of ships around the world.


Realization of advanced datacenter solutions, made with state-of-the-art technologies to offer our customers the highest standards of reliability and performance with particular attention to the return of investment and management opex costs, such as Storage Virtualization, Hyperconverged System and Full Flash Storage Arrays.


Analysis, design and implementation of secure networks to provide a unified infrastructure to ensure access to devices, users and systems. Optimization of satellite communications to ensure an elevate level of user experience.

OT Security

Development of integrations to offer protected access to OT devices through approved workflows. Segmentation and protection of OT networks from unauthorised access and behavioural analysis to provide broad-spectrum security.

Security Assessment

We carry out infrastructure audits aimed at Cyber risk management as required by IMO (MSC-FAL.1/circ.3 and resolution MSC.428(98)).

The service we offer, not only verifies vulnerabilities, but also suggests remediation and recommendations; we also provide products and solutions that allow a constant control of the level of security of its services/applications, constantly subjecting them to the latest threats and attacks.


NGS supports its customers by offering them a modular and transversal service to the technologies used:

  • Support: Highly qualified staff is available when critical situations such as faults or anomalies occur, supporting the client on second level troubleshooting.
  • Change management: the execution of changes to the infrastructure can be transferred partially or entirely to NGS without losing control of its infrastructure.
  • Soc: a log management platform developed by NGS allows you to flexibly collect any log produced in the company. Qualified analysts handle the amount of data produced by analyzing anomalies and threats and notifying the client only in case of relevant events.